Who Are We?


GT: My interests are centered around young people in post-colonial countries, specifically Haiti. I am interested specifically in these topics: youth empowerment, civic engagement and the incorporation or lack thereof of cultural learning in educational curriculums. I am a firm believer in equipping young people with the tools they want and need to become their own agents of change in their personal lives, their communities and the world.

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FG: I will be writing about STEM education policies in South America and how they affect the interest of society in engineering and technology, and what role do they have in “development” and “modernization”.


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AJ: I am interested in the ways that literacy and illiteracy are currently defined and how those definitions lead to the social exclusion of non-standard language speakers. In addition, I am exploring issues in second language acquisition,language assimilation for new migrants, language and privilege in social contexts, and current literacy education as a tool for empowerment or marginalization.

SM: I have a passion for math education and ensuring that more young people, especially those on the margins are numerate and prepared for the global economy. In addition, I am interested in examining how post-colonial societies grapple with struggling economies, particularly with the increase in the number of people seeking opportunities abroad.

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JB: My interests are in the development of agency among youth involved in the arts.  In particular, I am interested in seeing how youth participation in the arts shapes or develops their notions of civic engagement and citizenship in a post-conflict and/or post-colonial context.  Presently, my work is focused in Africa and Haiti.